How To Get Out Of Your Swimming 'Funk' And Finally Swim Faster

Discover The Swim Workouts That Increase Fitness And Improve Technique That Australia's Elite Swimmers Are Using

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National record holders who use these workouts include:
Master's National Record Holder Kelly Higgins uses these workout.

Master's National Record Holder Kelly Higgins uses these workout.

National Master's champion and record holder Lisandra De Carvahlo uses these workouts.

Seven Reasons Effortless Swimming Workouts Improve Your Swimming:

  • World Record Holder TestedNational and World record holder swimmers do these same workouts every week as part of their training.
  • Beat Your Friends – Have bragging rights at the pub. These workouts will improve your swimming and can knock minutes off your times. Now it’s their shout!
  • No More Boring Sets – Correctly structured workouts are like a fine tuned bike. You go faster with less effort. We’ve cut the junk from the workouts so each thing you do is designed to make you better.
  • Improve Your Swim Fitness – Forget slogging it out in the pool for hours at a time. Endurance in the pool is easy with the right workout.
  • Caters For All Levels – The workouts come in three levels; Beginner, Intermediate and Pro. Choose your ability and off you go!
  • Save An Hour A Week – Swimmers are busy. The precious time you have between training, eating and sleeping shouldn’t be spent writing swimming programs.
  • Get A Head Start In Your Swimming – It’s painful playing catch up in your swimming. Discover the workouts that top swimmers are using.

Dear Swimmer,

If you’re busting your guts in the pool and not seeing results….the next six minutes will explain why.

If you’re like most busy swimmers you train hard – but your speed doesn’t match your effort. You deserve to swim faster than you are right now.

You’re fitter than most of the other people hacking it out in the pool, but somehow they swim faster than you.

When you feel like a brick in the water it’s frustrating. There’s only two reasons why most swimmers stop improving in the water. Let me explain…

Not All Swim Workouts Are The Same

I’m Brenton Ford, an Australian National master’s swim coach. Based on what I’ve learnt from coaching multiple national and world record holding swimmers (including some of Australia’s top triathletes and open water swimmers), there is two things holding most swimmers back from achieving success in their swimming…

It’s technique and workouts.

Practicing technique and fitness in your swim training is the fastest way to become quicker in the water. The best workouts include these two things. In the past you might have done workouts so hard and so long you could barely lift your arms. Not anymore…that’s old school training and it doesn’t work.

The new breed of swim programs allow you to have a good workout…but still hold good technique and swim faster times. You won’t be slogging it out in the pool with sloppy technique anymore.

With over 8,200+ hours of swimming coaching and training experience, talking with dozens of Olympic coaches, swimmers and triathletes…we’ve finally figured out the best type of training for triathletes of all levels.

It’s a mixture of drills, speed and aerobic fitness (plus a little ‘race pace’ swimming which we’ll cover later).

Why Most Swim Workouts Fail

Some of the mistakes most swimmers make with their workouts are:

  1. They Have No Goal For The Session – Improving aerobic fitness, correcting technique and speed training are just some of the goals your workouts should have set. If you know what the purpose of the training session is – you what you’re going to achieve. This fast tracks your results.
  2. They Don’t Get The Correct Amount Of Rest Between Sets – Swimmers are known for being ‘gung ho’ with their training. You have one speed and that’s fast! In swimming, you need the right amount of rest during your workouts or you won’t get the benefit from the workout.
  3. They Don’t Schedule Their Training Sessions – When you wake up in the morning…the alarm goes off…and the thought crosses your mind. “What if I just sleep another few minutes?” As soon as that happens, it’s unlikely you’ll make it to training! Doing your sessions at the same time each week makes it easier to train.
  4. They Swim At One Speed – The top swimmers train at different paces in their workouts. Instead of swimming at ‘aerobic’ pace all session – the biggest improvements will be from adding speed work, back end speed and recovery to your workouts (It needs to be the right amount of each for you to benefit)
  5. They Make Up Their Workouts On The Spot – We’ve all done it before. Arriving at the pool for a training session with no set workout. You make up it on the spot based on what you feel like doing. If you want improve your swimming, you need to set your workouts before you arrive at the pool.

We are discovering a high number of swimmers are making these mistakes. With the right workouts swimmers and triathletes can find big improvements in their swimming. It’s like using the newest, most expensive racing bike compared to an off-the-shelf single speed mountain bike.


I've trained and raced with world record holder Daniel Kowalski. I've included some of his workouts in the program.

The workouts that have helped National and World recorder holders get so good are now available to you.

They have been transformed into digital format and tailored to all levels of swimmers.

It’s called Effortless Swimming Workouts.

Twelve printable, ready to use workouts a month delivered straight to your inbox. You can start swimming faster and increasing your swim fitness as soon as today.

Improve Your Swimming Without The Shoulder-Damaging, Joint-Aching Training Sessions

We’ll cover all the bases including:

Goal setting – In less time than it takes to put your bathers you’ll have a new list of goals so you know why you’re training (5am starts will become a breeze!)

Recovery time – If you feel flat often, discover the optimum amount of rest you need to train well and race fast.

Training Schedules – When you write your training schedule down, you’ll stick it to it much easier. You’ll get tips for setting the ideal training plan.

Different paced swimming – Leave the boring sets behind with the latest developments in swimming workouts using speed, race pace and aerobic swimming.

Pre-written programs – Save time and energy by choosing the swimming workouts that have helped hundreds of swimmers and triathletes improve their swim times.

We’re so confident that you’ll improve your swimming and enjoy the workouts so much that we guarantee it with our ‘Faster Swimming Or 100% Money Back’ guarantee. If you aren’t swimming faster with more confidence, quicker times and better technique after using these workouts, we’ll refund your money in full.

Improve Your Swimming Or Your Money Back!

Try these workouts and after 4 weeks if you haven’t improved your swim times dramatically, we’ll buy the workouts back off you. We’re not happy until you’re swimming quicker times, increasing your fitness and swimming with better technique. That’s our ‘Faster Swimming Or 100% Money Back’ guarantee


You get all the following included in the TriSwimWorkouts program:

  • 12 Pre-Written Swim Workouts Delivered Each Month - Designed to increase fitness and improve your technique. These workouts take the boredom out of swim training. Choose either the Triathlon workouts or Pool swimmer workouts.
  • FREE 5 Freestyle Technique Drill Videos ($37 value) – Discover the five drills we do most in training so you can improve your freestyle technique for smoother swimming.
  • FREE Swimming Goal Setting Sheet ($27 value) - Discover the real reason you’re training for swimming and supercharge your motivation levels.
  • FREE The Ultimate Training Planner ($27 value) - Structure your training schedule, find the gaps in your program and nail your training regime for optimum output.

Some swimmers will go years without improving their swimming. They have the opportunity to make a difference, but don’t take action.

If you’re happy where your swimming is at – continue doing what you’re doing.

If you are ready to swim faster with endurance that put’s you up with the seasoned pro’s, give Effortless Swimming Workouts a go.

The sooner you start, the faster you will improve.

You can be swimming faster in a few days from now.

The Smarter Way To Train

You might have done workouts that have little rest between sets and are hard work – but leave you with sloppy technique and sore shoulders and joints.

Top swimmers don’t train this way.

Their workouts include the right balance of speed, aerobic and back end speed swimming.

They maintain good technique even when tired.

They make you a faster swimmer in less time than normal workouts.

Today you can get workouts that national and world record holders use to become elite level athletes.

These programs are designed for all levels of swimmers – even if you’re beginning your triathlete journey or if you have 20 years experience…you will benefit from these workouts.

If you’re not swimming faster than ever before with better technique after you try the workouts – you will get your money back. All you have to do it send us an email to our support desk.

I want you to improve your swimming and I’m so confident you will with Effortless Swimming Workouts that I’m offering this kind of guarantee.

Grab your copy of Effortless Swimming Workouts by clicking the green ‘Get Instant Access’ button below.

  • 12 Pre-Written Swim Workouts Delivered Each Month Designed to increase fitness and improve your technique. These workouts take the boredom out of swim training.
  • FREE 5 Freestyle Technique Drill Videos ($37 value)Discover the five drills we do most in training so you can improve your freestyle technique for smoother swimming.
  • FREE Swimming Goal Setting Sheet ($27 value) Discover the real reason you’re training for triathlons and supercharge your motivation levels.
  • FREE The Ultimate Training Planner ($27 value)Structure your training schedule, find the gaps in your program and nail your training regime for optimum output.

Click the ‘Add To Cart’ below and select your workouts!

Monthly Membership:

12 Month Membership:
$97 one-time payment (save 52%)

How it works: Every month you’ll receive 12 brand new workouts delivered instantly to your email inbox. The workouts are backed by our 100% money back guarantee. With the monthly program you will be charged only $17 every 30 days you are part of the program. You can cancel at anytime by simply contacting our support desk. With the yearly program you are charge a one-time cost of $97 for 12 months of workouts. The workouts are delivered monthly.

Two types of workouts: We’ve separated the workouts into triathlete programs and pool swimmer programs. The triathlete workouts are tailored for longer races (800+ metres) and the pool swimmer workouts are for swimmers typically racing shorter distances (50-400 metres). You must select which workouts you want at the start. You can change anytime by emailing us.

The small print: There is none! Our goal is to provide you with the latest swim workouts that improve your swimming. If you would like to cancel your membership for any reason though, just send me an email or let our support desk know. There are no contracts, you’re not locked in. You can simply cancel anytime.

You can improve your swimming starting today for less than a $1.50 per workout. That’s less than the cost of a cup coffee. Swimmers who do the workouts here in Melbourne pay 8 times that much per workout!

I look forward to having you join us in Effortless Swimming Workouts. You can contact me at anytime as I offer personal support through this program.

See you on the inside!



Brenton Ford

Australian National Masters Swim Coach

P.S – Don’t forget you can save 63% off the regular pricing by ordering today.

P.P.S – These workouts have been tested by Australia’s top open water  and pool swimmers. If you want to swim like them, train like them. Where else can you get the same workouts as elite athletes?

We are a swimming coaching company located in Melbourne, Australia. We teach at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic center in Albert Park and coach hundreds of swimmers online and offline from around the world. If you would like to shoot through an email with any questions you have feel free to reach me at brent[@] or on Facebook at You can also reach me on Skype at ‘brentonford’.

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